Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 Grammy Awards

Watched the 2012 Grammy Awards and have to say, WOW! How can you have such great performances and such GARBAGE almost right next to each other? Seriously!!!!!

First thing, RIP the Queen!!! WHITNEY HOUSON!

I liked Chris Brown's outfit! And LL looks younger every year!!!

Bruno Mars absolutely killed it. I mean what else can you say? The guy has pure talent and Do I have to speak about Adelle? The girl is a beast!!!! Even after her surgery. She's probably sounding better now! LOL

Now to Nicki Manaj! You really have attention issues. I've met people like her, who would do anything for attention. Since her talent is not enough to win a GRAMMY she needs to find a way to get people to give her attention.

Nuff Said!

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